Frequently Asked Questions
  2. What kind of chocolate is used?
  3. Why the host/hostess?
  4. Do you provide the food?
  5. Does the “serving time” include set up and take down?
  6. Fee for service?
  7. Agreement/deposit required?
  8. Necessary requirements to operate?

    THE FOUNTAIN OF CHOCOLATE is a 30” tall fountain display that is literally a warm flowing fountain of fine quality semi sweet chocolate. Hold your favorite food such as fruit, pretzels, cookies or marshmallows, under the warm, cascading “chocolate falls”. Have fun as it flows over your bite-size whatever. Not messy, no splash, Just absolutely delicious! Some say “decadent”.
The Fountain of Chocolate is also beautifully decorated to match or compliment the colors of the gathering or event.

    We take pride in offering a fine quality, semi-sweet chocolate. Offering one of the finest American made chocolates available, with no preservatives, chemicals, or artificial anything is the reason we use the term “fine quality”. There is a difference in chocolates; and ours is truly deliciously, smooth, and creamy.
For the unique or special occasion, we do offer “white chocolate” as well, a great idea for weddings and anniversaries.

    A professional and courteous host and/or hostess, dressed for the occasion accompanies the fountain. In a respectful manner, we assist the guests and add a bit of “personality” to the Fountain of Chocolate experience. We also help maintain the table, notifying the proper personnel when foods, napkins, plates, etc. are being depleted. The attendants will also help keep the table area clean as well as making sure the Fountain runs smoothly at all times.

    Food for the Fountain, we recommend: Cherries, Graham Crackers, Cookies, Pinapple, Apples, Pretzels, Strawberries, Marshmallows, Cheesecake Balls, or Bananas. The client is responsible for providing the food; however, we would be happy to offer ideas regarding food options, quantities per number of guests, and other helpful hints.

    The requested time of serving is the actual time of serving your guests. We do however; require access to the serving area a minimum of one hour prior to the “serving time”. We also require approximately 45 minutes to disassemble and remove our equipment.

Fees for servicing Minnesota and Wisconsin

$445.00 / 3hr - St Paul / Minneapolis Metro Proper and West Central Wisconsin
(within 40 miles of state border)
*Add $1.05 / mile for service outside of these areas.
*Outlying areas are negotiable.
Prices are based on up to 300 guests, and up to 3hrs. of service.

Additional charges:
$37.50 per additional half hour of service
$50.00 per additional 100 guests

***Please call or e-mail with any questions pertaining to your area***

    We have served nearly 2000 guests at a time using two fountains to accommodate the number in attendance; we have also served groups of 20 to 100 guests as well.

    Agreements and deposits should be sent in as soon as you know you would like our services. You may print the agreement out from this web site, (or call us toll-free and we will mail one to you) fill it out and send it in with a 50% deposit to secure your date. Please call with any questions you may have.

We will help to put your mind at ease and assure you:
“All will go well, for your special day”

    Requirements to operate: The Fountain of Chocolate can be utilized outside as well as inside; however, an enclosed shelter or a 2, 3, or 4 sided tent is necessary for The Fountain of Chocolate to operate. Even though the fountain is attended to, The Fountain of Chocolate is not responsible for bugs or "flying things" around the fountain. We will need a 60” or 72” sturdy, round table or a 6’ or 8’ banquet table, as well as access to a grounded electrical outlet. Note: vinyl or vinyl composite tables are NOT acceptable. Also, it is preferred that the Fountain not be in close proximity to operating ceiling fans and overhead air/heat vents.

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